When my son joined the dojo 3 years ago at the age of 5 he was shy and struggling with both self-
confidence and coordination. Over the last 3 years he has developed a passion for this school and
karate that I never imagined. At the age of 8 he has advanced 4 belt levels and now instructs younger
students during warm ups. He is coming 4 hrs / week and asking for more. Because the number of
instructors, he receives personalized instruction and is advancing rapidly. He has grown in self-
confidence and athletic capability more than I could have imagined. His progress is amazing.
The all-volunteer instructors prioritize respect for parents and teachers, the student’s participation in
his/her family, their performance in school, and then karate, rather than karate first. I know from talking with the various instructors that there is a love and commitment to this school that you have created. It is visible every class I sit through. Thank you… You have created something very special. The art is unique, compelling, true, and engaging. The instructors truly care. We plan to enroll our daughter soon.

          – Tom

I would like to mention how important your classes are to my daughter’s personal and mental
development. We are very pleased with the school you all offer and are excited about her attending.
The school has really helped Alina gain confidence and come out of her shell. We are so pleased with
everything you have to offer, especially how perfectly all the instructors have a solid ability to balance discipline and encouragement. That is truly rare and it makes the school a real gem. I wish our inner circle was bigger and that I had more people to refer. I know that what my daughter is learning is so much bigger than the obvious.

          – Hannah

My son has been going to Sidekicks Karate since he has been in Kindergarten. I can’t express how
grateful I am that there is such a reasonably priced, friendly, and professional type of Karate
establishment as Sidekicks in Midland! The instructors are exceptional and the atmosphere is not too
competitive, not too rough yet not too easy-breezy either. It is a perfect balance for children to learn
such a wonderful art form as Karate. Richie has learned discipline, became more confident, has become much more coordinated, and even his balance has improved! I would highly recommend Sidekicks Karate to anyone who was interested in getting their child/children involved in a martial arts program.

          – Kim –Kick Higher, Live Longer

Believe it or not… I ‘accidentally took my son and his best friend to karate’. I had them in the car and
stopped by your Dojo last year for additional information. Sensei Studebaker and Sensei Whittaker
were both so friendly and informative. Sensei Studebaker immediately invited the boys to join the class
while he continued to tell me about their organization. The boys had a blast and we decided to sign our
boys up right away. Since day one I have been absolutely pleased with the genuine feeling of community and family we experience at Sidekicks Karate. Additionally, I am truly thrilled with how my son has taken to the principles of patience, respect, and focus. I honestly believe wholeheartedly in your Dojo and in your team. I am grateful that Thor and I stumbled in last year.

          – Leslie

Lukas was a very excited boy yesterday. I appreciate the interest and attention that he’s getting. I have my kids involved in stuff like this because I want them to be exposed to good role models
(especially males given the situation with his father) and he’s getting that. I can’t thank you, and your
teachers, enough.

          – Jill

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